Pre-Congress Course

Pre-congress workshops (09-17h)

1) Surgical Techniques in Vascular Surgery

Instructors: Dr. Cikirikcioglu, Dr. Dupuis, Dr. Nicolas Murith
Location: SFITS
20 spots
Duration: 8 hours
Price: 95chf

2) Microsurgery workshop

Instructors: Prof. Beaulieu, Dr. Modaressi, Dr. Nicolas Balagué
Location SFITS
15 spots x 2 (1 session in the morning and 1 session in the afternoon)
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 95chf

3) Good clinical practice training

Instructor: Dr. Tolba, Dr. Zoltan Czigany
Location: SFITS
25 spots
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 60chf

4) External fixator and intramedullary nailing course

Instructors: Dr. Gamulin, Dr. Dimitrios Stafylakis
Location : SFITS
25-50 spots
Duration : 8 hours
Price : 95 chf

The pre-congress courses are accredited by the Swiss Society of Surgery for 6 CME credits. Participating in any of the four courses will allow you to obtain those credits